Prey to Prejudice


Upholding the human rights of other cultures is fundamental to a healthy democracy. Those who want you to first hate, then go to war with other cultures, are not upholding democracy or human rights.

They are trying to invoke your fear.

This is so that you will unwittingly become bigoted, racist and ultimately, you will support white supremacy.

Hitler did the same thing with the Jews.

Like slow boiling frogs in a pot, racists will desensitise your compassion for other cultures by fabricating reasons to diminish others and then hate them.

My suggestion to anyone falling prey to such prejudice, is come join me.

Learn the truth about the good virtues other cultures have in common.

Come experience, my China.

A China of Compassion and mutual benefit. 50 million Chinese who live outside China. Who contribute positively to the West. Who are kind and virtuous people.

As a community, we invite you to seek the confluence of mutual interest, for mutual and common dignity.

It is never too late to step back from prejudice.

Paul the apostle was a persecutor of jews, then on the road to Damascus, saw the light.

I have lovingly built such a Damascus road here at

JOIN FREE. You are welcome and safe here.

Here you will make friends. Then you will prosper.

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